Winner Winner The Chickery Dinner

I’m not one to really care about celebrity chefs.  They seem to be all over  the DC restaurant scene, however,  there is just ONE celebrity chef that wins me over every time.  I’ve met him a few times at various events over the years, and when I was invited to check out Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s The Chickery’s new late night menu, I knew I didn’t want to miss out.My friends Kacy and Tom over at Bad Sentences joined me for a evening of fun and chicken!The Chickery is a step up from a fast food joint, appearance wise, located right in the heart of DuPont, in Washington, DC, and serves up delicious chicken sandwiches, fries, salads, and their newest late night creation; the fried chicken waffle cone-a play on the very popular chicken and waffles.Chef Spike and his crew graciously served us various chicken sandwiches to try, as well as their take on Poutine, and of course the new late night treat.Perfectly friend chicken strips and French fries served in a warm homemade waffle cone drizzled with the restaurants signature buttermilk ranch dressing.

My favorite sandwich of the night, by far, was the first one I took a bite of;  the BBQ Big Dixie with bbq rotisserie chicken and coleslaw.  But being a fan of spicy food, the Blue Hot was a close second.  Each sandwich different and full of yumminess.  The fresh lettuce and tomato really help to balance everything out with some much needed crunch and freshness.Definitely the perfect post ‘night out’ snack, which I think is exactly what The Chickery is trying to achieve given the new late night menu.

We finished the night on a sweet note with root beer and orange creamsicle floats, and of course our very own Spike sandwich.Thanks to everyone there for the delicious experience and a chance to check out the new late night menu.  I’ll definitely be finding my way back there soon!


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