Winner Winner The Chickery Dinner

I’m not one to really care about celebrity chefs.  They seem to be all over  the DC restaurant scene, however,  there is just ONE celebrity chef that wins me over every time.  I’ve met him a few times at various events over the years, and when I was invited to check out Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s The Chickery’s new late night menu, I knew I didn’t want to miss out.My friends Kacy and Tom over at Bad Sentences joined me for a evening of fun and chicken!The Chickery is a step up from a fast food joint, appearance wise, located right in the heart of DuPont, in Washington, DC, and serves up delicious chicken sandwiches, fries, salads, and their newest late night creation; the fried chicken waffle cone-a play on the very popular chicken and waffles.Chef Spike and his crew graciously served us various chicken sandwiches to try, as well as their take on Poutine, and of course the new late night treat.Perfectly friend chicken strips and French fries served in a warm homemade waffle cone drizzled with the restaurants signature buttermilk ranch dressing.

My favorite sandwich of the night, by far, was the first one I took a bite of;  the BBQ Big Dixie with bbq rotisserie chicken and coleslaw.  But being a fan of spicy food, the Blue Hot was a close second.  Each sandwich different and full of yumminess.  The fresh lettuce and tomato really help to balance everything out with some much needed crunch and freshness.Definitely the perfect post ‘night out’ snack, which I think is exactly what The Chickery is trying to achieve given the new late night menu.

We finished the night on a sweet note with root beer and orange creamsicle floats, and of course our very own Spike sandwich.Thanks to everyone there for the delicious experience and a chance to check out the new late night menu.  I’ll definitely be finding my way back there soon!


Slaptastic Salted Caramel Coffee

Recently I was introduced to a new line of protein products by my sister in law, and although skeptical at first, I have become a huge fan.  The line is called SLAP, and they make a variety of proteins, nut butters, protein pancake mixes, vitamins, BCAA’s, and much more.  I started out with the Birthday Cake flavored protein called Slappy Birthday,  the BCAA’s in Salted Caramel, and the pancake mix in Snicker Doodle because that just sounded downright delicious.I’m extremely picky about my protein powders as many of them contain a lot of sugar, and a list of ingredients I can’t pronounce.  I’ve been using Sun Warrior protein for years because it is a vegan protein with just a few all natural ingredients, and it actually tastes good!  But I was very impressed by this new protein I found, and I have to say, it tastes even better than Sun Warrior.  It is a whey protein, although SLAP does carry a line of vegan proteins too, but I’m a fan of the fact it is low carb, has very minimal all natural ingredients, and flavor that I am crazy about.  I’ve been making some pretty yummy green smoothies for breakfast with spinach, frozen banana, Slappy Cake protein, and a small scoop of Amazing Grass Detox and Digest for an added dose of greens.  And sometimes I had chia seeds to help keep me fuller longer, and because they are a great source of omega 3 fats. If you don’t know much about Branched Chain Amino Acids, it’s ok..because either do I.  What I’ve gathered from reading about them online is that they are the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which comprise about 35% of our bodies muscle protein.  These amino acids help preserve muscle glycogen stores, which minimize protein breakdown, however, we can only get them from food and supplements as our body does not make them on their own.  The best times to enjoy them are before, during, or after a work out, but a lot of people have them in the morning when they wake up and before bed to help prevent muscle breakdown.  I was really excited about this flavor, but I’m still testing out recipes for the best way to enjoy it.  Right now I’m a huge fan of adding it to my coffee especially using it to make  iced coffee for a post workout treat.The caramel flavor is sweetened with Stevia,  and is very sweet, so its important to make sure you add it to enough of the liquid your mixing it with otherwise it’s way too sweet.  SLAP offers many other great flavors, but this is the only one I’ve tried so far.  I bet it would be good mixed with almond or coconut milk too, but right now I’m a huge fan of the Salted Caramel Coffee drink I’ve been enjoying.

Try it for yourself…

First add 1 scoop of SLAP Nutrition Salted Caramel BCAA’s to a blender with your black coffee.Sometimes I add a little steamed coconut milk, but you don’t have to.Mix in the blender for a few seconds, and the result is this delicious, frothy caramel coffee drink.  Drink it hot or serve over ice for an iced caramel coffee.  Either way, it’s a perfect morning treat, or a sweet snack.Big thanks to my SIL for introducing me to this awesome line of protein products!

Playing Catch Up

I constantly go through this love/hate relationship with blogging.  I love it for a while, get completely and totally wrapped up in it, and then after a few months, it becomes work, I don’t really think anyone cares, and I lose interest.

Now that I think about it…this is a lot of what I go through on a daily basis with a lot of activities in my life.  Working out, my job, men, hobbies, etc.

Does this happen to everyone or is it just me?  Maybe I get bored easily…something I’m learning a lot later in life. But I’ve had a few months off from blogging and started to get that itch back so I’m scratching it and here we go..yet again..

To catch you up real quick..

I’m still living in Annapolis and working for the same company I was when I got back from my trip.  Speaking of that trip – I can’t believe it’s been a year since I left.  I still have vivid memories through out the day of my travels.  I miss it every day, but try to take away all the positives and growth and look forward to another trip in the future.Let’s see what else..

I went to Charleston for a Bachelorette Party and ate ALLL the food!  We had our special Bachelorette lunch out at HUSK, but before heading to the restaurant we grabbed cocktails at McCradys.  I ordered the Bloody Mary, but this was not just any bloody Mary, this was almost like a Bloody Mary cocktail and absolutely amazing!   It was spicy and sweet with a basil floater on top that added a refreshing twist.  It was absolutely perfect, and I want one every single day of my life.I enjoyed our meal at HUSK, but wasn’t blown away by the food.  I think the best thing we ate  that meal were the pigs ear lettuce wraps. Crispy fatty pig with refreshing accompaniments in a butter lettuce leaf.I also determined that Charleston has the best Bloody Mary’s.  They are always spicy, and each one has it’s own unique twist.  I wasn’t a huge Bloody Mary fan, but Charleston converted me. I turned 33, which was hard to face, but also a chance for me to change how I was living my life.  My trip definitely helped with that.  Getting older is never fun, but I’m trying to be the healthiest, happiest and most positive person I can be. Easier said than done, but making small changes to how I was handling situations, my health, friends, family, etc, has been a great start.I spent most of the summer weekends at the beach or in St. Michaels with my family.We found a new  Happy Hour place at the beach that has the best deal in town.  Bull on the Beach offers great drink specials, but SO many food specials as well including 40% off clams and oysters.  I think last time I was there I got a dozen oysters for $9!  Can’t beat that!I finally dined at One Coastal, in Fenwick, DE,  which has been on my list for a while.  Such a great experience, the best cocktails, and delicious food.  The owner’s are incredible and you can tell they put their heart and soul into their restaurant.  It definitely shows. This was where I had my very first smokey Old Fashioned, but I have no pictures to prove it.  I’ll just have to go back! 😉

Oh, and one of my best friends got married… After the big dilemma I wrote about, I think she picked the perfect dress… 🙂I was traveling a lot for work in September and October and tried some great restaurants in Orlando, Boston, and Vegas.I’ve been to Boston 3 times now in the last few months both for work and pleasure, and I’m growing to really love that place.  I’ve never had a bad meal, they have the best oysters (in my opinion), and it’s always a good time every time I visit.  I had an incredible oyster experience at Neptune Oyster in North End, the most delicious tuna crudo that has ever touched my lips at Row 34, twice (yep-I flew all the way back just for that crudo!), checked out a cool brewery in Canton called Trillium, ate my first lobster roll at The Barking Crab, and had a memorable meal with my best foodie friend at a very hipster yet trendy new restaurant in Jamaica Plain called Brassica Kitchen.  There is so much more, but I’ll save it all for another post just about Boston.I feel the need to explain this crudo.  Extremely fresh pieces of mouthwatering tuna on top of creamy avocado slices, and balsamic drizzle,  topped with crispy black garlic, a spring of parsley for freshness, and a hint of salt for flavor.  It’s unbelievable. And as if that weren’t enough food…I’ve been exploring more of the town I live in, and hanging out with friends.  Always trying new places and taking advantage of living by the water.

Two favorites worth mentioning real quick – Sailor Oyster Bar, and Carrol’s Creek. Sailor Oyster is small, but has a really unique vibe and $1 oyster Happy Hour.  Great cocktails, great oysters, and a delicious salmon crudo.  I’m hooked on crudo these days if you couldn’t tell.  But really I just think they are the hot new raw fish, but either way, I’m totally on board. Carrol’s Creek is very classic Annapolis, but it’s one of the TWO restaurants on the water in down town.   I recommend going during the day in the summer and sitting outside.  They have a delicious bottle of Rose for $20 and their seafood charcuterie platter is a must.It’s been a fun food filled few months, but with all this eating and traveling, I had to make a drastic move, and joined a gym.  I start working out and eating healthier, which inspired me to blog again.  Or maybe it was the push of a certain person to remember why I started blogging in the first place. 😉 Either way – I’m back in the kitchen making new recipes, and trying fun new products that I want to share. And by ‘I started working out’ I mean last week…let’s be real here 😉

So there it is, in less than 1000 words…the last 7 months of my life.  More fun to come!