The Great Wedding Dress Dilemma

May is right around the corner, and that means bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, bachelorette parties, MY BIRTHDAY, many other peoples birthdays (seriously though..have you noticed how many people have birthday’s in May?  Something about that Summer Love in August), Memorial Day, and so many other festivities that just make the month of May one of the craziest times of the year for me.  And this year, I get to do some traveling in May, which I’m really looking forward to.  I’m going to Charleston for one of my best friends bachelorette parties, and I honestly can’t wait.

Sara is getting married in September, and everything for her wedding is pretty much set, except for one main thing…the wedding dress.  And as horrible as I am at making decisions…she might actually be worse.

Our weekends last month were  filled with traveling near and far to various department stores and boutiques trying on dresses of all colors, styles, and tulle levels.  And to be perfectly honest..there is never enough alcohol involved for the high level of indecisiveness.  Luckily, for me, there is always lunch or dinner involved, but that comes at a price.  This is usually involved sitting and debating and analyzing that days dress selection over and over…AND over.  And sometimes we take a break from the dress drama and discuss what’s really more important to her-what water bottle she should buy.  I can’t even make this stuff up.

The engagement ring decision was slightly better (Sara was able to pick out what type of engagement ring she wanted), but the dress drama at this stage is almost comical.  I’ve never known anyone to try on THIS many dresses, and still just not know.

The first run was to a small boutique and Sara had no idea what she wanted so we started from scratch.  Getting a basic idea of neckline and design of dress, but with no luck on anything else specific, we made our way to DC for brunch at Sally’s Middle Name on H street. Sally’s Middle Name is a quaint little restaurant on H street that reminds me a little bit of a diner.  The food and drink menu is written on the wall and changes daily.  The coffee is delicious, the food is comforting yet creative, and I love the open kitchen.  The wine is a bit pricey and pours small, but sometimes that is to be expected in DC.

I got the Korean Hash with poached egg, Sara ordered the mixed greens salad with apples and almonds, and we shared the most delicious warm lemon glazed donut.  I highly recommend their house hot sauce with the Hash.  I love my food spicy, and this definitely did the trick. 

The second run was to Nordstrom’s on a Sunday night.  A night where I was feeling pretty down about my somewhat broken relationship at the time, and not one part of me wanted to watch  girls trying on wedding dresses.  But this was not about me, and I sucked it up and put on a happy face.  Later we had dinner at Seasons 52 where I wanted to drown my “Woe is me, I’m going to be single forever” sorrows in their delicious, yet not at all traditional, Old Fashioned. Their Old Fashioned’s are made with apple bitters and come with a rock candy stirrer.  We shared a couple salads, flat breads, and appetizers, but nothing was particularly great.  I find the food at Seasons 52 to be mediocre and feel everything is either seasoned too much or too little. 
Seasons 52 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On our third dress run I was accompanied by our other friend Diane, and we visited two more stores, but again, with no luck.  The only luck we had that day was the beautiful Antipasti Market Board at Carluccio’s in Old Town.  I am very fond of Carluccio’s and love it’s  trendy Mediterranean vibe.  The restaurant has only been open a few years, but it is exactly what Old Town needed.

Except for the one time I actually had dinner there, I always sit at the bar, I always order a few things to share-usually the antipasti board and a seafood item, and I always get the Planeta Rose.  It’s never steered me wrong. This time we got the Deluxe Market Board to share along with some salads.  The Deluxe Antipasti board includes chargrilled vegetables, roasted peppers with pesto, bruschettine, buffalo mozzarella, marinated olives, anchovies, Napoli and spicy salami, roasted ham and focaccia.  The Insalata Abruzzese with Tuna, beans, and sweet peppers was a great salad choice as well.  Really refreshing and hearty at the same time.

Carluccio's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Lunch would not be complete with out some Sara indecisiveness.  However, this time  the conversation wasn’t filled with wedding dress decisions, but a more intense conversation about what water bottle she should purchase for her sparkling water consumption.  It was a real toss up between the ever so sturdy Tervis or the Contigo with straw.  There was even a pro and con list involved. Yes, this actually happened.

I’ve only been dress shopping with Sara three times, but she’s been a handful of other times on her own or with her mom, and she’s also had numerous dresses mailed to her in which she tries them on, sends us pictures, and then sends the dress back.  It’s not a normal day if I don’t wake up to more pictures of dresses and pro and con list for each one.Like I said…not enough alcohol.  Maybe if Diane McMartin could have told us “What goes with your Great Wedding Dress Dilemma we would have made a decision on a dress already…

At least I’ve been able to spend time with my friends and eat delicious food.  But seriously Sara..make a decision already!



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