Another Asian Sunday Funday

Spring is in full bloom in DC, and I really hope it is here to stay.  My friends and I have been trying to schedule more ‘Work Out’ Dates and less ‘Happy Hour’ dates, but sometimes the two get combined.    There is so much to love about a glass of wine after yoga. It’s called balance…right?










Last Sunday we had plans to do yoga and then healthy lunch after, but somehow that just turned into Brunch and Sunday Funday.  In our defense, we did have a yoga date the following Tuesday and checked out a new juice and vegetarian shop for dinner-no wine included.But on this particular Sunday, after MUCH deliberation (we are 4 girls who are people pleasers and cannot make a decision) we decided on Hazel in Shaw.  In the last year or so Shaw has received a face lift and so much to offer between all the new trendy dining spots and shops.

Hazel offers a ‘Dim Sunday’ Brunch, and was one of the better meals I’ve had in DC in a while.  And so the Asian kick continues…

Not at all what I’m used to with traditional Dim Sum, but various small dishes with creative Asian influences, and all super tasty.  We were lucky to get a table in their beautiful outdoor space and just enjoyed an afternoon of eating and catching up.

We started with a bottle of Rose from Corsica.  This was my first time having a Rose from Corsica, and it was very good, but not my favorite.  I think my friends enjoyed it a little more than I did, however it did grow on me over time.  If I had to describe it in one word it would be CLASSY.  Extremely pale pink, light body with pretty floral notes, very dry, and a soft lingering finish.
Since there were 4 of us we went with the Whole Shebang which is a fantastic deal.  You get one of everything on the menu for $95 and when divided by 4 it’s extremely reasonable for the amount of food you get.  The dishes were creative and interesting and all super tasty.  We all had our favorites, and they all happened to be different.

Asparagus Salad, Shaved Red Onion, Fragrant Herbs, Nuoc Cham, Peanuts- delicious and fresh!Smashed Cucumber Salad, Fried Garlic, Chile Oil-  one of the better smashed cucumber salads I’ve had due to the high intensity of flavor and layers.Kimchi Scramble, Garlic Aioli, Crispy Shallots, Shaved Bonito FlakesBreakfast Donburi: BBQ Short Rib, Fire Panda, Pickles, Sprouts, Rice – A favorite from the meal.  The Short Rib was so tender, and I loved the pickled vegetables with the eggs and meat.Beet Cured Gravlox, English Muffins, Yogurt, Pickled Red Onion– outstanding in every way.  So creative and well executed
Crispy Tots, Black Garlic Ketchup, Chives– it’s hard to mess up tots, but this black garlic ketchup I could put on everything!Pork Sung Buns, Garlic Aioli, Scallions, Fish Sauce Caramel-unbelievable combination of savory and sweet, and so very creative.  I mean..Fish Sauce Caramel?  It was delicious!Grandma’s Zucchini Bread, Foie Gras Mousse, Chamomile Gelle, Bee Pollen– another super unique combination, but surprisingly fantastic. So decadent.Mapo Eggs, Szechuan Pepper Lamb Sauce, Fried Eggs, ScallionsDonuts, Black Sesame Custard, Matcha Glaze– Messy, but outstanding.  Enough said.Duck Muffin: English Muffin, Duck Sausage, Baked Egg, Fire Panda Mayo

It wasn’t the crazy type of boozy brunch that sometimes occurs in DC, but it’s was classy, delicious, and exactly what we wanted that day.  The food was so good that I am excited to go back for dinner.

The REST of the day was not so classy and filled with more Asian snacks , more wine, and DC rooftops as we jumped from place to place visiting old friends and enjoying the sun.
Hazel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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