Made it to Maketto

Everyone loves brunch.  And when you stay the weekend at your foodie friends apartment in DC, you’re bound to have a fabulous Sunday Funday brunch.  I’m not sure what’s in the air, but my friends, along with myself, are on an Asian food kick lately.  And with all the noodle and dim sum restaurants popping up in DC, we have all the base’s covered.After a Saturday night in of heavy wine drinking, the only thing we were craving the next morning was Ramen.  Warm, salty, spicy, hearty, fatty ramen.  After listing out all our options my friends and I decided to veer off the noodle path and hit up a trendy dim sum restaurant on H street called Maketto.  If you know anything about restaurants and food in DC, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Maketto.This is a restaurant, cafe, and clothing store all in one.  And they serve a dim sum brunch that is worth the hour wait.  We hit up a coffee and cocktail bar across the street while we waited and once our text came that our table was ready, so were we!

We sat in the back of the restaurant, with the open kitchen, past the patio and even though there were problems with the heat that day, the restaurant did everything they could to make sure we were satisfied and happy.  After perusing the menu and literally wanting everything, we started making our list.  One of everything for this group!Maketto is a fusion of Taiwanese and Cambodian food and on Sundays they serve a limited and seasonally changing dim sum menu from 11:30-3pm. I was pleasantly surprised as the prices were pretty reasonable; all ranging between $4-$10 a plate.  There are also larger plates like their famous Taiwanese fried chicken that is an absolute must, but be prepared to take some home.  It is just that big.

We started out with beers, and I got a Tiger, which made me miss my traveling days.There were four of us so we ordered a little bit of everything, and shared it all. We got the Pork Shumai, Shrimp and Pork  dumplings, crystal shrimp dumplings, wok fried noodles, steamed pork bun, steamed leek bun, strange eggplant, turnip cakes with XO crumble, and the fried chicken, obviously.

Because I’m trying to get better about my chopsticks, I even got chopstick 101…All the dishes were absolutely incredible.  A bit different than your traditional Chinese dim sum, but very similar dishes with elevated the flavors. Every single bite wow’d my taste buds with components of savory, sweet, spicy, herbal, crunchy, and comforting.  And the biggest surprise for me was the turnip cakes.  I’m not a fan of the texture of the authentic turnip cake, but these were amazing.

The drinks, the food, and the conversation was flowing.  We all agreed that we could have done with out the strange eggplant, which just reminded us of a basic baba ganoush, but we were very happy with everything else.  The fried chicken was very good, but by the point we received it I was beyond full and it was a bit too heavy and fried for me.  However the flavors were out of this world, and I was so happy to have ordered it.

With our hangovers gone, our bellies full, and just happy as clams we decided to finish our Sunday Funday at the next bar.  I was really impressed with our experience at Maketto and would definitely go back when I want dim sum on the net level.  

……. and then…….

Till next time..

Maketto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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