Chasing Sunrise

I can’t believe I spent 30+ hours in total traveling from Washington, DC to Bangkok.  30 hours is more than 2’s insane!  But I did, and I know it will be worth it.  And I’m finally here!!!!img_8905

The 16 hour flight from JFK to Taiwan could not have been better.  I flew EVA Airways, and I highly reccomend for anyone traveling abroad.  It was crazy because we were chasing sunrise sothe entire 16 hours was in the dark. Never once did we see light.  Great time to catch up on sleep.

EVA Airways is not super glamorous, but it was still very nice, and the price was unbeatable.   We received 3 meals during our flight, although I slept through 2, and they have a few movies and TV shows you can enjoy while in flight as well.  I fly fairly often, and I’ve been abroad numerous times, but I usually hate the way I feel at the end of the long flight because I find the airplanes to be pretty gross, but EVA Airways was extremely clean, and I was very happy overall.  I even used the bathroom multiple times, not only to stretch my legs, but to use the luxiurious smelling hand soap, and hand lotion.They didn’t give out the little night time sleeping aid package I’ve received on other long flights, but they did have some of the essentials in the bathroom, and super soft, sweatshirt material blankets for the flight, which were VERY much needed because it got so cold.  I really have no complaints, and was overall very pleased and so happy to get some sleep.

After arriving in Taiwan, I spent a while walking around and looking at the stores and tea stations to stretch my legs and then decided to get something to eat since I had not eaten much on the plane.  They didn’t really offer breakfast food, so I went with the ginger chicken with rice and vegetables.  I mixed it all together with the hot sauce/oil, washed it down with a Kirin, and it was outstanding.  After was dinner time EST.

The one thing I wasn’t that impressed with on EVA Airway was the food.   I think I’m just not used to the Chinese style cuisine…porridge and fish floss… hmm :-/

On the flight from JFK to Taiwan I managed to be awake for the last meal which was some sort of chicken and lemongrass with porridge along wth veggies, fruit, and fish floss (I think this was to flavor the porridge).  On the 3 hour flight from Taiwan to Bangkok, I went with a vegetarian option of mushrooms in brown sauce and veggies a long with fruit and a coffee dessert that wasn’t too bad.  I tried a bite of everything, but that was about it.

After arriving in Bangkok, getting through customs and finding my shuttle to the hotel I reserved for the night, I took a VERY LONG HOT shower, as it will probably be my last great shower for a while, and headed out to take a peak of the downtown area I am staying in.  I was so excited because I met another girl on the plane, who is also on the same journey as I am on, and we exchanged numbers, hung out a bit, and made plans for tomorrow.

I did a lot of walking around downtown checking out all the street vendors and food vendors, and then decided to sit at a bar with the rest of the locals for a happy hour Singha.  Apparently happy hour isn’t just big in the US because it seemed very popular here too.

While siting at the ever so classy, Stumble Inn, I met another American and his girlfriend who is Thai.  She was eating this dish from a street vendor, and I wanted to try it so I started asking them questions and she took me to the street vendor to get one myself. The couple was was very friendly and helpful and gave me lots of great advice for traveling around Bangkok.  As you can see..this city is filled with Americans and Expats.

The dish was this incredible combination of noodles, shredded veggies, lemon grass, fish sauce, peppers, dried shrimp, rice vinegar, peanuts, and I’m sure a bunch of other things -I’m only guessing the ingredients at this point. And I have to apologize because besides the Thai food I eat at home, I am actually not too familiar with the names of dishes of authentic Thai food, so I am learning as I am going.

But  It had a sort of an umami taste about it.  Unbelievably spicy yet absolutely wonderful and mouthwatering. This meal was 50 Baht ($1.43), and absolutely worth it.  My new friends even bought me a bag of these crispy pork nuggets to eat with it (I wish I had a name for these but little bite size pieces of savory dried pork). Perfect with with spicy noodle dish.

After a couple more beers, I decided to do some more walking and head back to my room. It was dinner time, and more and more vendors were setting up their carts of food.  You can find everything from fish to chicken to pork, veggies, steamed oysters, noodles, gyros.  You name it..they had it!

I got a hotel for my first night in Thailand, and I am so glad I did. I stayed at Hotel Solo Sukhumavit 2 in downtown Bangkok.

It was a deal at $50 USD when I booked my flight.  $50 is my entire allowance per day here, but I splurged for the first night.  There is a restaurant/bar, pool, pool bar, and best of all it’s very clean.  And Breakfast/ AC/ and WiFi is included! I am taking it all in while I can before it’ s all about the hostels.  Time to start saving my money.

I’ve connected with a lot of friends of friends here, and I’m so excited to get started on my sight seeing today.  It still seems very surreal, but I managed to make it here in one piece with out any problems at all.  Even used a pay phone when my shuttle didn’t show up.  I can guarantee I’ll be doing this much blogging, but I had ample time in airports this time around.   That’s all for now…time to enjoy this beautiful day in old district!



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